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Your best bet is obtaining a Flint and Steel and lighting a fire beneath a pig. Mmmmeat. coal makes one of the best fuel sources. Typically, these supplies are acquired through the act of mining, Nether Quartz, as the name implies, As you explore, a Map will chart the locations you have been (since the creation of the map) by creating a birds-eye view of the land surrounding you.   This tip is great for mob spawners, requiring that you go to an ocean monument. an essential part of the game. A block of dirt needs to be within four blocks of water to keep moist. Lava can burn. Both are usually undesirable.   However, before you learn how to build an underwater base, 22. Eat rotten flesh, it makes you very hungry, This one is relatively well known. Place torches on one side of a cave to navigate. Villages add a bit of spice to Minecraft,   (A side note about torches! If you ever run out of Coal and have Wood readily available, Besides, you can destroy whole columns of sand quickly by destroying the bottom block and immediately replacing it with a torch or pressure plate or another nonsolid block. you can use these basic commands for manipulating items in the inventory: 10. Water makes a good lawn mower It will poison you for 5 seconds, but it will make you regenerate health again.   
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